Three Sheets doubles as a drinking game. The game was introduced in the second episode of Season 1, Costa Rica, and included the first three rules. Since then other rules have been invented and added to the game.


  1. When Zane drinks, you drink.
  2. The first person to see Pleepleus the monkey gets to make someone else drink.
  3. When Zane talks about his friend Steve McKenna (or when his photo pops up), it's a social (everybody drinks).
  4. When Zane burps, the last person to give the "good burp" sign drinks.
  5. If someone "Jim-the-Cops"(spills their beverage) while drinking, everyone drinks. If you Jim-the-Cop, you have to buy someone a drink or when at home, it's your turn to run to the fridge. This rule was introduced during the NY Pub Crawl.
  6. If you spot Zane holding a drink improperly (see below), you can make someone else drink.

7. When someone talks about Curtis "the camera man" its a social (everybody drinks).

Proper Ways to Hold a DrinkEdit

  • Foo Foo Drink: This would be a drink that masks the taste of alcohol with the taste of sugar. They are sweet, blended, brightly colored, or have an umbrella in them. In this case, Zane's pinky should be up in the air.
  • Man-Grip Drink: This is a general drink, like a Beer, Jack & Coke, Vodka Cranberry, where the sweetness doesn't hide the taste of alcohol. In this case, all of Zane's fingers should be in contact with the glass.
  • Gentleman's Drink: Think Frank Sinatra. This is a straight-up spirit, like Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila, or anything else that is not cut (except by water, vermouth, or club soda). All fingers should be on the glass except for the index finger-- It should be pointing out with confidence.