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Three Sheets News

  • Ekrubmj

    Sheet It Forward

    June 24, 2010 by Ekrubmj

    "A movement where when you see a fellow 'Three Sheets' fan sporting 'Three Sheets' or Pleepleus merchandise, you simply buy him or her a drink... A way to be kind to your fellow man and sheets fan. T…

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  • Ekrubmj

    Travel Channel has picked up Three Sheets! Starting June 30th, Travel Channel will begin airing all 52 episodes off Three Sheets, Season 1 through Season 4. According to Zane, if people watch, then t…

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  • Ekrubmj

    Three Sheets is in trouble from disappearing for ever. Save Three Sheets now. Visit and sign the petition.

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What is Three Sheets?

How To Enjoy Three Sheets

  • Go to your bar or liquor cabinet
  • Pour or blend your favorite drink
  • Watch the show
  • Repeat

Origin of the term Three Sheets

Three Sheets (to the wind) is a slang term defined as Alcohol intoxicated and unsteady. Sheets are the ropes used to manage a ship's sails. It is assumed that if these ropes were blowing in the wind, the ship would be unmanageable. : He was three sheets to the wind and didn't pay attention to my warning.[1]

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  1. Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions.



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