Three Sheets to Belgium
Season 1 • Episode 1
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Destination Belgium
Original Air date June 18, 2006 (2006-06-18)
Cities Visited Brussels
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"No matter where you go in the world, always beware of "The Beer Hunter".


Flaming beer, a shot made of Brussels sprouts, and a chocolate hangover cure - Zane tries it all in Belgium, home to a huge variety of beer.

Cities VisitedEdit

In this episode Zane visits the city of Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Crawl StopsEdit

Zane's first stop is Chez Léon, a restaurant/bar famous for Moules (Mussels) and Frites (Fries). The restaurant is known for many flavors of it's own beer, Léon Bière.

The next stop is Ala Mort Subite (French for Sudden Death) which also brews flavors of it's own beer, Mort Subite. Here, Bart, the bartender, teaches Zane a drinking game called 421. The rules of the game are simple: using three dice and three throws, roll a 4, a 2 and a 1. If the roller rolls a 421, he or she wins and the loser must buy a round of drinks.

Stop three is Delirium Cafe, a bar that holds the record for most beers served at a bar, over 2600. Their beers are fermented three times, giving them a higher alcohol content than most beers. They are not pasteurized so the yeast continues to grow in the bottle. While here, a man named Logan, keeps offering Zane his own opinions on the various beers Zane is drinking. Zane humors him but notes directly into his microphone many times that he continues to drink Zane's beer uninvited. Zane dubs Logan, "The Beer Hunter".

Zane then heads outside of town to the Orval Monastery, one of only six Trappist Monasteries that brew beer. The monks there have been brewers since the 11th century.

The last stop on the crawl is to a Belgian chocolatier, Le Chocolatier Manon. This is where Zane learns the art of chocolate making and tries to determine if chocolate can cure a hangover.

The Drink MenuEdit

  • Léon Bière
  • Mort Subite
  • Flamme du Bière: Apple favored beer with a shot of Apple Schnapps lit on fire
  • Kriek Cherry Beer, aged beer that is bottled similarly to sparkling wine
  • Genièrre aux choux de Brusselles: a 44-proof, brussel sprout-flavored liqueur

Hangover Cure?Edit

A visit to Le Chocolatier Manon for some Belgian chocolate does make Zane feel better.

I'll Drink to ThatEdit

  • "American beer is like sex in a canoe; too close to water." -Zane
  • First appearance of the "good burp" sign that became a rule of the drinking game
  • Two common ways to say Cheers in Brussels: Gezondheid (Dutch) and Santé (French)

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