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Three Sheets to Namibia
Season 4 • Episode 43
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Destination Namibia
Original Air date October 5, 2009 (2009-10-05)
Cities Visited Windheok
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"In Namibia, these aren't pests, they're food."


Zane’s unpredictable adventure leads him to local African firewater, the magic of a drum circle, sand dune adventures and “buffalo milk” when he proves that he really can go Three Sheets to anywhere – even Namibia!

Cities Visited[]

Opens in the Namib Desert

Capital city of Windhoek


Crawl Stops[]

Namibia Breweries

Joe's Beerhouse

Tiger Reef

The Brauhaus

Namib desert

The Drink Menu[]

Windhoek Light 2.4%

Windhoek Lager 4%

Tafel Lager 4% (Tafel means table in German)

Urbock 7%

Hansa Draft 4% Side car/bomb Lime cordial (Sweetened Lime juice)

Ovamba Liquour 80 proof

Brandy and Cola

Makelani 100 proof

Gehr's Kaktusfeigenbrand 80 Proof

Falinger 64 proof Wheat and Rye based spirit.

Hangover Cure?[]

Adrenilin rush, dune jumping.

I'll Drink to That[]

To the future